Monday, September 1, 2014

Cherries Jubilee

I don't think that I have had Cherries Jubilee, I know my mom used to make something called Cherries in Snow ( a rice and cherry dish) that was pretty yummy.  I wonder where that recipe is, I might have to make it as a treat.  This cherries jubilee is a quilt top for a lovely little girl who goes by the name, Jubilee.
some folks have a design wall, I have a design bed.

The fabrics came from my scrap bin and I have to admit I had a lot of pink scraps. Enough that I can make two quilt tops in lap size. The pattern is called The Belle Wave and is by Faith Jones from Fresh Lemons quilts. I love her stuff, its so bold and graphic, and make a big impact with simple blocks.

of course its in this pic I see the block that is upside down!!

I spent one night cutting the fabrics, then two hours the next day sewing the blocks. Another two hours and I had the top together and ready to be quilted. I haven't decided if I am going to tackle this one on my own or if I will take it to the long armer to do.  Considering I have seven lap size quilts to make for Christmas so I may not have the time to do it.

Quilt Stats:  Size: 50 x 60
Fabrics: assorted scraps and 2.25 m of beige cotton

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Rocket Age Baby quilt top

I started this quilt top in July only to come to a screeching halt as I was short one piece of fabric. While I like charm packs one always takes a risk of being short of fabric then scrambling to find something that will work with it if you can't find a piece of this fabric line. I lucked out as my LQS has some in stock but I had to travel to get it....

Fast forward to a few weeks later when I had some sewing time I laid it out the the design bed
 ( haven't hung up the design wall yet) and played around with it. I was going to put double borders around it but it didn't look right so I added a simple solid border and called it done.

Not sure how I will quilt this baby up, but I am sure that something will come to me.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Kissing Booth Runner Finish

Back when it was cold and snowy I took some fabric scraps from another project and made a runner. The runner in question is a pattern by Heather Mulder Peterson of Anka's Treasures and its the second time that I have made this runner. 

 It is a simple pattern of rectangles and HST's that makes quite a effective ribbon pattern. It was quilted simply with a ribbon pattern going down its length and intertwining on the background.  I like to have an assortment of runners around to give as presents to people and this one will be no different. The person who gets it loves pink so I will be giving it to the right person as this quilt is very pink....

Friday, August 22, 2014

Navy Fizz

Last week the Fat Quarter Shop came out with a new fast and free pattern called Fat Quarter Fizz.  It is very simple and the placement of light and dark make a nice overall pattern.  What I like is that is is simple cause I have to get a quilt top done and to the long armer pronto!

Working weekends, unplanned has messed up my sewing plans to get a quilt done to say Happy Retirement to one of my colleagues in early September. I chose a two fabric lines I had collected with a navy or mariner theme, pressed and cut them out and spent a few hours sewing these blocks.

Next step is to lay them out on my bed and try to figure the best placement for them all, sew them up, make the back and get the batting then off to the long armer for her magic.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Place Mats

I started a new project the other night.  I wanted to have a few quick sewing projects ready to go that I could just pick up and do some mindless sewing. I picked up this kit at The Cloth Castle in July and thought it would make a nice Christmas present for some lucky person.

The pattern is by Something Sew Find Quilt Design and called "Take Four".  It is a simple, effective pattern with a four variations.  Even better it takes fat quarters which means I can use up some of those things which seem to find their way into my shopping basket on a regular basket.

I hope to have these babies done by the weekend, ready and waiting for Christmas or gift giving.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Jungle Bungle Remix

Back when the snow was flying one of the Joy do good stitches ladies requested a block called the Jungle Bungle. The block was from one of my favorite bloggers, Sew Crafty Jess. The block itself is simple, square center with a border in white followed by a larger border. Easy peasy and makes a great baby quilt.

Since I always have need for some baby quilts to be ready to give away I decided to use up some of my Riley Blake collection that I have squirreled away for boy quilts.  I don't know about you but I often find it hard to find boy prints in my LQS often having to get them online instead.

The blocks took me an afternoon to make and then in the spirit of being thrifty I decided to use up some long lengths of fabric in coordinating colors to lengthen the quilt.  Of course it has a flannel backing and polyester batting that gets nice and fluffy when washed.

Arlene did the quilting on this one. The quilting reminds me of swirling ocean waves as it moves across the quilt in its variegated thread. Come to think of it I think I need to make a few more of these blocks.  Very effective no matter what way you want to place the block.

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Ironman training

Iron man training continues despite being home in Victoria for a week on holidays. Monday I walked a little over 10 km - from our house to the Colwood Lagoon. It was a good walk and I made good time, practicing my shuffle.  I think a few folks thought I was a bit crazy- like the RCMP officer who drove by me and acknowledged my wave as we passed.

The walk also had some wonderful views as well. As I got close to my end mark, there was a hole in the wall of cedar and the most wonderful view of the lagoon and the waiting sea. Very pretty and makes me feel very blessed to live in this part of the world.

A little further down the road the Fleet Diving Unit was out doing pt, sprints to be exact.  They would run by me, turn around and do it over and over again. Some of them had very nice tattoos and impressive chests.  Hard not to notice considering they were going shirtless. Petawawa is missing out, pt would be so much more interesting and fun with some eye candy to look at.

So I did 10.20 km in 1h 35 min which is a new record for me. I bet I could have been a bit faster but I was being a good pedestrian and waiting for walk lights, unlike when I am at Pet and walking down the boulevard.

And even better when I reached the beach one of the MCDV's were steaming out to deeper waters in the Strait, a lovely site to see. I wish I could have come aboard and gone out for the day.