Monday, July 21, 2014

Rocket Age Baby

Rocket Age Fat Quarter Bundle in BlueI started a new quilt this week. This time I want to use up a collection of charm packets that I picked up, called Rocket Age by Riley Blake.  This fabric has a vintage 50's look to it and is perfect for boys which is good because I have a colleague having a baby boy in a few weeks.

I am making a simple pattern, sewing the squares into a nine patch, cutting it on the diagonal inserting a solid strip, sewing it together and then cutting it on the other diagonal. You get an nice graphic line running through the quilt and makes quite a visual statement.

As the baby's name is Rowan Reginald Bennett, RRB I will be making those initials in solid and putting them on the back of the quilt.

I'm not sure on the quilting yet, whether I will do it myself or take it to the long armer. Some of it will depend on the time available. The quilt top will lend itself to either simple line quilting or something more intricate and swirly.

Friday, July 18, 2014

Ironman Training Week 5

A pretty great training week for me.  We started the week with a 10 km rucksack march, 2 km portage, 4 km paddle and another ruck march of 3.5 km. I did the 10 km in 2 hours, 30 min slower than I would have liked but still not bad for me that is! The portage was what ended my day early.  I only got 1 km and had to stop. 

But on Wednesday I had the opportunity to portage 2 km down a big hill, paddle 4 km and then walk up that big hill all over again. And I had no issues at all. The photo above is me at the turn around point in the paddle.  The water was smooth and the currents were nice.  It was a gorgeous summer day on the Ottawa River.  So far this week I have covered 30.9 km. Not bad.

Now to rest up this weekend and relax for Monday's 25 km walk wearing 38 lbs in my ruck.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Birthday Flowers

I love flowers.  I think I miss the garden the most living in the barracks.  At home my lilies and other summer flowers are in bloom and making the yard pretty. That is if the dogs have not dug them all up.  For some reason they really seem to like the bulbs of the lilies. 

My mom and dad sent me flowers for my birthday.  They are gorgeous and all in my favorite color, pink! What a lovely treat to start Monday after a mini iron man march.

Monday, July 14, 2014

Mini Ironman trial

And what a trial it was. We began an hour earlier than normal which messed up my eating schedule but I guess I have to get used to it. We started with a 10 km march just to the beer store and back. Then portage 2 km to the marina, put into the water and canoe out the bouy in the middle of the river and come back, and walk another 3.5 km to the start point.

Me and my shadow, the canoe
 That was what I was suppose to do. I did the 10 km, and another 1.5 with the canoe but that was it.  I got as far a the chapel and got shooting pains and stopped. I don't want to get injured so I am being super careful to not get that way. I staggered back to the canoe rest and put her away for the day.

But this little experience tells me that me and my canoe need to spend a little more time together practicing technique. Good thing that we have time booked for Wednesday!

I followed my little walk with a ice bath at Jenn and Bob's place.  The tub in the shacks while looking clean is a bit dodgy and I don't have the time or energy to wash it after all the exercise.  I had to laugh cause Jenn played Kermit singing Rubber Ducky while I soaked.  So cute.  You know you are sore when the cold bath does not feel so cold but refreshing on the skin!

Friday, July 11, 2014

Max Relax

After a very stressful day at work, I was invited to go boating with some folks from work.

 We left from Petawawa Point and traveled up the Ottawa River quite a few miles to a lovely little public beach where we built a fire, had a snack and just relaxed watching the sun sink.

It was gorgeous.  Just what was needed to wash away the crap of the day and the burden of other peoples problems. We traveled at bit further up the river to some neat rock formations that are some aboriginal  sacred site. The light on the rocks was pretty unusual and reminded me of cave paintings.

Once the sun went down we boated back to the marina by the light of the moon. While it was chilly it was just as gorgeous as when we traveled down river to Petawawa. 

Monday, July 7, 2014

Peaches and Cream

On a recent wander through the quilt store, I came across some lovely peach bali fabrics that just begged me to take them home. I bought .30 of a meter of five different fabrics in this peach color way, added some beige balis to keep things quiet and soft.

The pattern is a simple star that really shows the fabrics. I made up three of these blocks, sewed them together with a border and then quilted it.  The quilting is a simple wavy line that goes horizontally over the quilt. The backing is a beige and peach leaf print making the quilt nicely reversible.

Another project done and ready for gift giving to a special family who is on their way to Goose Bay Newfoundland.

Friday, July 4, 2014

Gracie Girl Quilt

Last Christmas I happened into a local quilt store while home in Victoria. While leaning against the counter waiting against the counter to check out a colorful bundle of fabric caught my eye.  It was called Gracie Girl by Riley Blake.  I am a fan of Riley Blake, finding their fabric works in all sorts of creations that I make. It also comes up with some great boy fabrics which excites me greatly as boy materials are hard to find. This particular fabric bundle is very feminine without being overly sugary.


As my mom's name is Grace I thought this fabric would make a great quilt for her. The pattern that I choose was one that I had in my collection of patterns for a while.  It is called Labyrinth and from Rita at Red Pepper Quilts.  Its an easy pattern but a little care has to be given to how you place the fabrics to get the optimum effect. It is quilted with a variegated thread in an all over dragonfly meandering pattern in a fairly tight sequence which really fills in the negative space nicely. Now all that is left is to wrap it up and put it into the mail.  Happy Birthday Mum.